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Did you ever want to really talk like an American and use the same slang and idioms as an American?  If you answered 'yes' then this is the book for you! English grammar has lots of rules and exceptions to those rules.  This book nicely organizes all of those crazy rules and gives lots of examples. There are times when a fellow student or co-worker says a joke. If you sometimes don't understand that American joke, take a look at this book.

Do you want to open your own business?  Are you in the field of business?  This book will help you learn American business English.  Here's a popular book to help you learn natural spoken American English and American slang used in business situations.  Yes, you can get that job! This book is designed to help everyone improve their grammar skills to continue their education and move ahead in the workplace.  Lessons require just 20 minutes a day!
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This book comes with 2 cassettes that will help you improve pronunciation.  Speak like a native! One of the best books to learn common English phrases and expressions. This book-and-cassette program emphasizes fluency in spoken English, which makes it especially valuable for ESL students and TOEFL test takers. Book and 3 cassettes.
If you would like to learn English that is used in business settings but would like to use something other than books, then this 2-video set is for you. This interactive course is designed for English language learners who want to learn English quickly and correctly. A two-tape video set to help you learn English grammar and explains the problems that students face when learning grammar.
Barron's ESL Guide to American Business English

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This is a great dictionary for English students learning American English This is a terrific guide/dictionary for those learning business English. It has been recommended by numerous professors and teachers. This book is a dictionary of American English expressions and phrases.  If you sometimes hear Americans use a phrase, but you are too embarrassed to ask what it means, then get this book!
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