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MyEnglishTeacher.net and Amazon.com have recently teamed up to bring you great prices on terrific books.  This will ensure protection over a secure 128-bit server and fast delivery of every item.  We will constantly be searching for useful books that we feel will be useful to you and benefit your students.  Please visit often.  

*Although this section was designed for teachers, you do not have to be a teacher to purchase any of these items.  Enjoy! 


Grade Level

English Proficiency Level

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beginner to intermediate

One reviewer wrote: This book is perfect for those looking for a comprehensive ESOL teaching book. It is organized by levels and subjects. In addition it gives you ideas that are interesting and use the newest methods for teaching ESOL.  This book has quickly become a classic. Although the lessons are for grades K-8, they can easily be adapted for upper grades and even college. Click here for more information.

Junior High School through College

all levels

This is a nice book when you are looking for an activity which enhances and emphasizes what you are teaching your students.  The ideas in this book can be invaluable.  Click here for more information



Junior High School through College

all levels

A resource book for teachers of English as a second language and other languages provides detailed outlines for a wide range of games for the classroom, each covering a specific point of grammar.  Click here for more information.


Junior High School through College

all levels

Here is another great book to give your students some fun while practicing and using the grammar, structure and vocabulary you are teaching.  Click here for more information.


Junior High School through College

all levels

One reviewer wrote: There are some good, easy to use ideas in this book, but you have to go through it one page at a time to find out what function or grammar is to be practiced in each game. On a positive note, the activities are divided into language level. The games I have used in the classroom, have been a success with the students. Click here for more information.

The Elements of Style

Junior High School through College all levels This book is an all-time classic for grammar reference.  This book will answer questions you didn't know you had.  Just $5.56Click here for more information.





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