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Grammar Tests and Exercises (with all the answers and explanations!)

Here's help for anyone who has something to say or write but has difficulty doing so. Better Grammar in 30 Minutes features thorough coverage of key grammar skills, clear explanations with a minimum of grammatical terms and an abundance of exercises and activities to help reinforce new skill development. An answer key in the back encourages readers to work at their own pace.  Click here for more information.


100 Ways to Improve Your Writing

A complete course in the art of writing and an essential reference for any working or would-be writer of any kind. Step-by-step, it shows how to come up with ideas, get past writer's block, create an irresistible opening, develop an effective style, choose powerful words and master grammar, rewrite, and much, much more.  Click here for more information.


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The Present Perfect and The Difference Between The Present Perfect and The Simple Past

The Present Perfect Progressive and The Difference Between the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Progressive

The Past Perfect Tense

The Past Perfect Progressive

Are "Will" and "Be Going To" The Same?  Are They Different?  The Simple Future Tense

The Future Perfect and Writing New Year's Resolutions

The Future Perfect Progressive

Describing and Descriptions

Making Your Writing More Interesting, Part I: Adding Adverbs to Your Writing

Adjective Clauses and Adjectives

Using When and Where in Adjective Clauses

Using Whose in Adjective Clauses

Adjectives and the Order of Adjectives Before the Noun

Punctuation Marks

Using Semicolons (;)

Using Commas and Rules for Commas (,)

What Is a "Colon" (:) in English grammar?  How Do I Use One?  Using Colons in English writing

Using Quotation Marks (" ")

Dashes (-)

Apostrophes (')

Phrases and Special Words

Common Phrases and Change/Same Direction Phrases

Showing Unexpected Results and Different Words for Unexpected Results

Connectors and Words That Add Information to Preceding Sentences and Ideas

How to Make Your Writing More Interesting, Part II: Using Different Words to Express "Say"

If Clauses, Result Clauses, Conditions, and Conditional Sentences

Using "For Example" and Other Words to Introduce Lists and Examples

Correct Word Usage

Short Answers to Yes/No Questions

Linking Verbs and How They Affect Correct Pronoun Usage

Gerunds and Infinitives, Part I

Gerunds and Infinitives, Part II

Whose Versus Who's, Its Versus It's, Possession, and Apostrophes

Quoted Speech and Reported Speech

Common Writing Errors and How to Fix Them

Sentence Fragments, Incomplete Sentences, Incomplete Ideas, and Sentences That End Too Quickly

Run-Ons and Sentences That Are Too Long

Subject-Verb Agreement: Which Verb Should I Use In This Sentence? 

Parallel Structure, Parallelism, Parallel Construction--Avoiding the Unnecessary Repetition of Words and Phrases

Capitalizing Words and Capitalization Rules

Other Good Stuff

Doubling Letters at the Ends of Words When Adding Suffixes

Word Order for Quotes and Quotations

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