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How can we help you on the TOEFL writing section?

The writing section is a very important part of the TOEFL.  It tells colleges and universities how well you write.  Therefore, it is important you practice as much as possible before you take the test.  In order to help you on the writing section, we have designed a practice writing exam for you that is similar to the writing section of the TOEFL.

Here's how it works:

1. We have 25 questions that are similar to those on the TOEFL.  You choose one of those questions and write an essay of 2 pages or less.  The writing must follow the rules below:

  • The answer cannot be more than 2 pages typed or 4 pages handwritten. 
  • The top, bottom, left, and right margins must be at least 1 inch for both typed and handwritten submissions.
  • If the answer is typed (preferred), it must be double-spaced, using only one of the following fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Courier, New Courier,  or Times New Roman.  The type size must be no smaller than 12 point.
  • If the answer is handwritten, it must be double-spaced.  The handwriting must be normal size and easy to read.  
  • In the event that the above rules are not followed, we will only read, grade, and correct the equivalent of 2 pages typed or 4 pages handwritten -OR- MyEnglishTeacher.net may reject any submission that does not follow these rules.  You will be contacted if this happens.

To see the list of questions now, click here.

2.  After you have written your answer, you come back to the MyEnglishTeacher.net Web site, and click the I want to submit my answer button below.

3.  Send your answer to us.  It can be any of the following:

Email-(we strongly recommend this method) send it via email as part of the email or as an attachment (Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, JPEG, GIF, BMP or other photographic extension, but NO .zip, .exe, or .vbs  files).


Cut and copy it into a MyEnglishTeacher.net Web page (don't worry, no one will see it except us). 


Fax it to us


4.  Make your payment.  The cost is $25.  MyEnglishTeacher.net accepts Visa , MasterCard , Discover , American Express , or e-check over a secure  128-bit encrypted site. (Click here to learn how to save up to 15%.)

Here's what WE do:

1.  Just like the real test, we will have 2 qualified English teachers grade your writing using a 6-point scale that is similar to what the TOEFL readers use.  

2.  WE CORRECT THE GRAMMAR in your answer so you can see where the problems are and how to correct them.  

3.  We will send your corrected answer and score back to you within 72 hours.

Are you ready to begin?  Click one of the buttons below.

I am new.  I want to see the list of writing questions and start writing. I have already selected a question and have written an answer.  I want to send it to MyEnglishTeacher.net. 


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