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How it works:

1. Count the number of pages you have.

2. Send us your writing.  Sending it to us can be either of the following: 

Email-(we strongly recommend this method) send it via email as part of the email or as an attachment (Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, JPEG, GIF, BMP or other photographic extension, but NO .zip, .exe, or .vbs  files).


Cut and copy it into the MyEnglishTeacher.net Web page (don't worry, no one will see it except us). 

3. Make your payment.  MyEnglishTeacher.net accepts Visa , MasterCard , Discover , American Express , or e-check over a secure  128-bit encrypted site. You pay $12.00 per page (click here to learn how to save up to 15%).  When you make your payment, in the "quantity" box, type in the number of pages you submitted.  Be sure to follow the rules about page submissions!

4. Sit back and relax.  We will send your documents back to you within 48 hours, by fax, email, or through a Web link (don't worry, no one will see it except us).  Your writing will be corrected with various suggestions.



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Why let us help you?

1.  The proofreaders at MyEnglishTeacher.net are trained in the rules of English grammar (American English).

2.  We use standard formatting rules for references, quotations, and more.

3.   We offer an encryption service for free.  If you submit a document to us, we can send it back to you encrypted so that it cannot be opened by anyone but you.  To use this service, when you submit your document to us, just select a 4-digit password.  When we return the document to you, it will be encrypted with the 4-digit password.  The only way to open the document will be with the password.  This ensures privacy and security for sensitive documents.

4.   We keep all of your original and corrected documents in a secure, encrypted, and fireproof environment.  In the event you misplace your document, just let us know and we will email it to you, at no charge, within 48 hours.  

General rules for correcting your English writing:

1. The top, bottom, left, and right margins must be at least 1 inch for both typed and handwritten submissions.

2. If the writing is typed (preferred), it must be double-spaced, using only one of the following fonts: Arial, courier, new courier,  or times new roman.   The type size must be no smaller than 12 point.

3. If the writing is handwritten, it must be double-spaced.  The handwriting must be normal size and easy to read.  

4. In the event that the above rules are not followed, an additional fee may be required.  We will contact you if an additional fee is required.  MyEnglishTeacher.net does not maintain any credit card information.  We will NEVER automatically bill you for anything.  This is our 100% guarantee.

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