Common Verbs Followed By Gerunds

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An asterisk (*) denotes a verb that can also be followed by infinitive

abhor endure


acknowledge enjoy prefer try*
admit escape prevent understand
allow evade prohibit urge
appreciate explain propose  
attempt fancy practice  
avoid feel like prefer*  
be worth feign prevent  
began finish prohibit  
*can't bear forgive propose  
can't help give up (stop) quit  
can't stand* hate* recall  
celebrate imagine recollect  
confess justify recommend  
consider keep (continue) regret*  
*continue like* report  
defend love* resent  
delay mention resist  
deny mind (object to) resume  
detest miss risk  
discontinue necessitate shirk  
discuss omit shun  
dislike permit start*  
dispute picture suggest  
dread postpone support  

For example, I dread seeing my Aunt Bessie.  She gives me kisses all over my face.

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